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Bruce Ricks, Ph.D.
Born in Oakland, CA, I was awarded B.S., MBA and Ph.D. degrees from U. of California Berkeley with specialization in real estate and finance. I became a tenured professor at UCLA, was Asst. Dean of the Business School and then the School of Architecture and Urban Planning where I organized the planning program. While in the LA area, I purchased homes for rental investment and was a partner in an appraisal firm...

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A slow-motion train wreck: Golden State plows forward with rail folly.

High-speed rail in California has turned into a slow-motion train wreck. At least it provides a case study in how inaccurate "or untruthful" government experts are when it comes to protecting the cost of new programs.


The Landers Plan to Land in So. Nev.

Orlando Landers was pleased that his classmates at high school and then UCLA and his employers called him Lanny.” He is well employed at Web Footed Designers as one of several website designers. It is almost like he has his own business since he works alone in his cubicle and sends his proposed designs by email to his boss a few offices away. He hasn’t had an in-person conversation with his boss in the last two weeks.


Bruce studies the best bargains in So. Nev. Homes

As part of his consultancy in residential and commercial real estate, Bruce Ricks has studied ways clients may secure economical housing in Metro Las Vegas. Vegas receives much migration by those who feel the need to escape oppressive housing costs and related living costs in Southern California.


Florida firm acquires company planning Las Vegas to LA rail line

XpressWest, the high speed rail proposal to link Las Vegas with Los Angeles via Victorville, California has been acquired by a company that provides rail service in Florida.