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Bruce studies the best bargains in So. Nev. Homes
As part of his consultancy in residential and commercial real estate, Bruce Ricks has studied ways clients may secure economical housing in Metro Las Vegas. Vegas receives much migration by those who feel the need to escape oppressive housing costs and related living costs in Southern California.

I identify rapid improvement in efficiency of construction and of floor plan layout of the products of the recreational vehicle industry. I also note the decrease in resale prices of almost new RVs as buyers of some who have bought a new RV for recreational travel, after a few trips, often to national parks followed by limited continued usage and expense of storage between RV trips then accept a low resale price. They often either sell or consign the RV to the dealer from whom they bought it.

This is just like the trade-in market for cars and trucks. In fact, one can purchase a used RV and a used car or truck to pull the RV at a very attractive price.

This discounting is the opposite of what is happening in the conventional housing market. Land prices are rising. Developers are shrinking lot sizes, Home builders are raising prices and the resale market for well-maintained homes is rising.

The California homeowner who is anxious to downsize ins finding home prices are rising at shocking rates. So, many are migrating to Nevada where home prices are rising but from lower levels and at slower rates than California.

While home builders are charging large upgrade fees for embellishments to their homes, the floor plans and interior amenities in RVs are creating more value for modest increases in prices. The used RV market is extremely attractive to buyers who can accept significantly smaller interiors than the home they vacated.

For an example, I use the Jayco Bungalow model that Lanny, Annie and Jose saw: the 2019 Jay Flight Bungalow 40 BHTS.