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The Landers Plan to Land in So. Nev.
Orlando Landers was pleased that his classmates at high school and then UCLA and his employers called him Lanny.” He is well employed at Web Footed Designers as one of several website designers. It is almost like he has his own business since he works alone in his cubicle and sends his proposed designs by email to his boss a few offices away. He hasn’t had an in-person conversation with his boss in the last two weeks.

Lanny, is now 50. After college, he lived in an apartment near his employer’s offices in Pasadena CA. But when he married Annie 25 years ago, they decided it was time to purchase a home. Finding Southern California expensive, especially near Pasadena, Lanny agreed to tolerate the 40 minute drive each way to the Pasadena office and his cubicle. They chose a new house in Perris, just outside Riverside. There they raised two children who graduated from the local college and scattered across the country for employment.

The Landers suffered the dip in home values as their home equity shriveled during the national housing crunch, but now see it recovering near its former level. One long night, Lanny and Anne have a very serious conversation, about both their housing and Lanny’s job situation.

Their housing resale price has risen, but so have property taxes and utility bills and almost everything in California. Lanny has received raises, but he is still in his cubicle. The commute time to work has increased to about 90 minutes each way since he has expected to be in his cubicle 9-5 making him drive in the most oppressive traffic times. He is tired when he gets to work and grumpy when he returns home to Annie. It takes him until Saturday to relax, and on Monday it starts all over.

Annie says, "Whenever I want to shop in Riverside, it is traffic jams and takes 30 minutes each way if I am lucky. Now that our children have flown the nest and moved out of state, our two story home is way more than we need. We are empty nesters.” I am tired of walking up and down stairs, and two of the bedrooms are now just storage for what the kids should have taken with them."

Lanny responds, "I agree. Since it is Saturday and it is not on my commute run, let’s drive to Nevada and see what it feels be out of California for a day, at least."

Surprised that, after all the commuting Lanny does, he would suggest driving some more, but, having heard that Saturday traffic toward there is less than Friday evenings, she readily agrees.

Just getting from the 215 to the I-15 was slow, but as they were just south of the California/Nevada state border they saw a sign indicating golf. Lanny smiled and said "Let’s track it down." Lanny, who loves golf, was surprised that there were two18 hole championship courses and a handsome clubhouse with a nice restaurant.

They returned to I-15 and crossed the border. There, they saw three large casino/hotels. Driving around and walking through each of them, Lanny and Annie saw only what looks like a group of apartments and a small convenience grocery store. They were told by the clerk that the apartments were for employees. They saw no other housing.

Lanny’s friend had told him about Boulder City, next to both Henderson and Las Vegas with a charming historic downtown. So, Annie and Lanny decided to check that out also.

On the drive there, Lanny confessed to Annie, "We know we want to downsize. I have been thinking about just how much we could downsize. A friend at the office told me he and his wife own an RV. They take lots of trips in it on vacation. I wonder if we could downsize that much and, in turn, get the freedom to travel."

They enjoyed lunch in Boulder City at a downtown sidewalk café and then went just across the bridge to Arizona and back so they could tell friends they were in 3 states on a weekend day.

On the way back, Lanny saw a sign in Boulder City for Red Mountain RV Park and said, "Let’s just stop and see it." Anne was willing to indulge him. They saw it full of RVs, a small swimming pool and an office. Lanny said "I just have a few questions." Anne wondered what questions they could be. In the office they found out that the spaces, called pads, could be rented or purchased and that two local Realtors were buying up ALL the few spaces that came up for resale. On the way back to their car, a friendly RV owner said Hi, I’m Tom. "You look puzzled but interested. Would you like to see the interior of my RV?" Before Annie could speak, Lanny said "Sure." They were really surprised to see how well organized the interior was, with two bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom with stall shower, plus space to dine and to actually entertain friend couples. There was actually an office area between the queen bed master bedroom and the dining area. Lanny said "The office area is bigger than my cubicle and between kitchen and bedroom! For me, that’s perfect placement." The host interjected proudly, This is my second RV. It is a 2019 Jay Flight Bungalow model 40BHTS.”

Then Annie interjected, "How much of the time are you and your mobile home really mobile?" The host explained, "That is the beauty of owning a home on wheels. I own the lot it is on. The value of my pad is going up whether I am here or away. I take three or four trips a year. The trips average about one week each. I have seen much of the West, but I am always happy to return home. I call it my Home on Wheels."

Lanny and Annie profusely thanked their new-found friend and began the trip back to Perris. As they were approaching Primm again, Annie said, "OK, Lanny dear, was this trip a plot to get my reaction to our downsizing being into a home on wheels? If so, I guess it worked. I was delighted about the newness, comfort and floorplan of Tom’s Jayco Bungalow. "Bungalow" is a good name for it. I have become convinced we could fit nicely into what he called his home on wheels, particularly if we purchased what he called his "pad" so we have a feeling of permanence AND if we could take trips - something we have not indulged ourselves to do. We could visit our kids and show off our Bungalow."

Noticing it took them about an hour to get from Boulder City to Primm, Lanny said sadly, "I wish Primm had a cluster of homes on wheels. It is closer to visit our friends in Perris and show them a newly purchased Bungalow. Better yet, we could invite them to play golf and then to go just cross the border. The friends could stay in one of the hotels in Primm, and we could choose among the many restaurants to have reunions with them."

A few weeks later, Lanny read in a Perris, Ca. newspaper that a company owned all three of the hotels in Primm and was studying the possibility of using some of their property adjoining Buffalo Bill’s Casino/Hotel to provide pads for a sort of village for homes on wheels. Lanny and Annie are now ready to move across the border to escape the oppressively high living costs in California.

Lanny related his experience to Jose, saying "As you told me, Nevada has no personal nor corporate income tax. When Primm is ready for us, why don’t we present to each of our employers the following: We will form a limited liability corporation. We will both move to Primm. Both of us will consult for both of our former employers. That way the employers will get the creativity of two for one. We will charge each of our former employers the amount of our base salaries plus an amount which will cover our own health insurance premiums (which are lower than in California.) We will forego retirement pay. We will deliver our work by email - just as we now do. Since we each now have homes in California that had conservative loans and now we have good equities, that move will protect us from any future dips in value. We can either rent or purchase our lots or ‘pads.’ I was surprised how inexpensive the Bungalow models are. They are MUCH less than what the home builders call a ’stick-built’ home. Plus, ours will be Homes on Wheels. Let’s just call them ‘HOWs’. You and we can sell our homes in California easily since prices are currently rising rapidly, and after purchasing HOWs we will each have two clients and two separate lumps of cash proceeds to protect us financially.

So that we don’t get mentally stale on our web designs and the needs of our initial two clients, we will target to each take two weeks per year for separate travel in our HOWs, calling on prospective new clients.

I sure hope Primm carries through on the rumor I read."

Jose responded, "I’m in. I mean, I will be in my own home on wheels, my HOW, when Primm is ready for me."

(Author’s note: names above are not yet real, but I am looking for real replacements.

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