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Bruce Ricks, Ph.D.
Academic Positions

Awarded B.S., MBA, Ph.D. degrees specializing in finance and real estate from University of California, Berkeley.

Appointed Asst. Professor of Finance in the School of Business (now the UCLA Anderson School of Management)

Promoted to tenured Associate Professor

Appointed Assistant Dean in the School of Business

Appointed the first Assistant Dean in the School of Architecture and Urban Planning, UCLA

While in government, taught Real Estate courses at both the Wharton School of Business and American University; and Corporate Finance at George Washington University.

Subsequently, taught Real Estate Finance at University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University Graduate School of Business.


Author, Recent Trends in Institutional Real Estate Investment (Ph.D. dissertation) Awarded the best technical literature in Institutional Real Estate in the U.S., by the American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers (now the Appraisal Institute) Published by the Real Estate Research Program of U.C. Berkeley

Author, Portfolio Management: an Investment Game, published by Prentice Hall - The first educational computer-based investment game

Author, Real Estate Investment: The Investment Process, Investment Performance and Federal Tax Policy Report of the Real Estate Investment Project for the United States Treasury Department

Author, “Young Households and High Ratio Loans” in Recent Perspectives in Urban Land Economics, published by the University of British Columbia.

Author, with Richard T. Pratt, “Real Estate Finance,” in Financial Handbook published by John Wiley

Author, “Real Estate – Single Family Rental” in Encyclopedia of Investments, published by Warren, Gorham & Lamont

Editor, National Housing Models, published by Lexington Books, D.C. Heath

Editor, with Eugene F. Brigham, Readings in the Essentials of Managerial Finance, published by Holt, Rinehart and Winston

Author, “The Capital Markets for Small Business” in The Financing of Small Business - part of Studies of the Modern Corporation, Columbia University, published by The MacMillan Company

Author, “Managing the Best Financial Asset” (one’s own home) in The California Management Review, University of California

Author of a case study, at Stanford University, which became Angus Cartwright III, Harvard Business School

Government Experience

California Public Employees Retirement Fund (CalPers): Independent Advisor for Real Estate

Federal Home Loan Bank Board: Chief Economist and Director of Research. Principal Agency staff person for contact with HUD, Treasury, CEA, FRB, OMB.

Staff Member of the U.S. President’s Committee on Housing.

Co-founder Federal National Mortgage Association (Freddie Mac)

Consultant, Federal National Mortgage Association (Freddie Mac)

Consultant for Central America, for the Agency For International Development (USAID)

Corporate Experience

Partner, Babcock, Hillendahl & Ricks, a real estate appraisal and valuation firm, Los Angeles, CA

Independent Trustee of two real estate investment trusts

Founder, Chairman of the Board and Director of Planning, Silicon Valley World Internet Center, Palo Alto, CA (brought together startup individuals and small firms with large high-tech companies (e.g. Deutsche Telecom, Hewlett Packard, Sun Microsystem.) (T-Mobile was founded as one result.

Co-Founder and Director of Planning, PMI Mortgage Insurance Company

Consultant, SRI International (formerly Stanford Research Institute)

Consultant, Shell Oil Company for their pre-developed land selection nationally

Consultant, the Bechtel Corporation for its master planning of Westlake, CA.

Owner/Broker Realtor, AwareBuyers.Com, LLC, a residential real estate firm concentrating on buyers. (Firm focuses on migration from Southern California to the Las Vegas Metro area.)

Retained by law firms as an expert witness on behalf of a client in numerous suits involving commercial real estate matters.

Expert testimony in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy proceedings re. fair and equitable mortgage terms in corporate reorganizations.

Investment Experience

General partner for ownership and management of shopping centers, apartments.

Owner of numerous single family residence investment properties.

Other Awards and Recognition

Appointed a distinguished lecturer at Ohio State University and University of Texas at Austin.

Named to be a Fellow of the Weimer School of Advanced Studies of the Homer Hoyt Advanced Studies Institute

Military Experience

Commissioned 2nd lieutenant, U.S. Army. Trained in Guided Missiles, Ft. Bliss, TX. Promoted to 1st lieutenant and captain in reserves. Served on a general’s staff, Great Falls, MT.

Current Research and Writings

Migration from California to Nevada with particular interest in migration from Southern California to the Las Vegas metro area.

Financial Losses to California and gains for Nevada from migration

Difference in housing costs between these areas

Possible changes in the pace of the above.

How migrants decide between southwest U.S. states

Note: As one who was born in California and lived in both northern and southern California, and migrated to Las Vegas Metro in 2004, I seek to understand motivations of the many others and to how they come to their residential choices.

Las Vegas has perhaps the premier entity that attracts people, the Las Vegas Visitors and Convention Center. I wish to understand why the focus is entirely on short tern visitors. I identify no organization that has its focus on longer term migration

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